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In a nutshell, we offer full support to venues to increase their sales and profits in the corporate and leisure markets. There is no “one product fits all”.

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It is about consultation and collaboration. We look at processes, people, culture and presence and identify solutions to develop all aspects to ensure a more profitable business in an increasingly difficult market place.

From training to representation, processes to marketing - every element has to come together like a well-oiled machine. Trident Hospitality Consultants are the catalyst that helps businesses to achieve their goals and objectives.

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Review of sales and marketing processes
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Sales Representation to target markets
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Developing Teams through mentoring and training
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Improve margins...increase revenue
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Make the sale, deliver the goods!

What we do

  • Sales Representation
  • Sales calls and presentations
  • Familiarisation visits
  • Development of Target Markets
  • On-site sales assistance
  • Sales and marketing plans
  • Sales Support
  • PR projects
  • Training and coaching


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